Technical Service

At SP Import Company we strive hard every day to improve our Technical Service because we are well aware of how important it is to provide our clients with a good service, not only when we sell them the fountain but also throughout its useful life. Our fountains have a 2 year warranty, during this time our company is responsible for all the expenses, transportation to and from, changing parts, labour….

Furthermore, if our clients have dispensers that we haven’t supplied them with, they can also use our repair service, because for our company helping our clients with everything possible is paramount.

To this end our professional technical team, which is continually developing, is at the service of our clients, so that the communication between both parties is convenient and satisfactory. For this reason, we have set up a Channel in You Tube where we are going to upload videos on the most common repairs, along with informative videos about our dispensers and accessories. We also give our clients the chance to make direct video calls with our technicians who will answer any questions about installing the fountains or basic repair work, which therefore saves time.

You can watch our tutorial videos in:

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